An impact you can feel.


We’re a group of parents, musicians, students and passionate music-lovers who are set on ensuring that all children have access to music education and stage-performance opportunities.  Every time one of our scholarship students steps on stage, we’re reminded of the importance of this mission. We can put our impact in numbers, but in order to truly understand the effect that music education and access to a stage has on our kids you’ll have to come see them perform live. And see the look on their parents faces. That feeling is greater than any statistic, ever. 


We can’t exactly capture that feeling in words. But maybe they can.


A spotlight on 2018. A year that, well, rocked.


In 2018, we had our best year yet. By far. With the help of our donors, and specifically our third-party fundraising efforts, we were able to increase access to stages, recording, touring, and training to more scholarship students than ever. Last year, we awarded 3x more scholarships to under-represented/resourced students from 14 different states - from New York to Arizona.

Our scholarship students took part in 370+ hours of instruction (an 18% increase) and 1,342+ hours of performance (a 30% increase), totaling 1,690+ impact hours. Our students come from all different parts of the country. From different homes. From different backgrounds. Each with a story that was their own. But all had one thing in common: without the help of our donors like you, they would likely have never had the opportunity to step on to a stage, with an instrument in hand. And rock out.

Looking forward to 2019 and beyond, Let Them Rock is focused on sharing the positive impact of our mission with foundations, sponsors, and beyond-generous donors passionate about supporting increased access to performance-based music education for all. 


Help us double our impact in 2019.