If you enjoy SINGING karaoke even when alone, using cutlery to DRUM on the dinner table, frequently shredding on air guitar while jumping off a sofa, or you've ever dreamed about really rockin' out on stage...you are "who" should apply.  

 US residents ages 5 - 17, in need of fiscal support for performance-based music education or a tour experience, are eligible to have their Legal Guardian(s) apply by submitting a Let Them Rock Student Scholarship Application. 


Traditional music education/assessment cultivates and captures "WHAT students know," while performance-based music education/assessment activates and demonstrates "HOW students UTILIZE what they know." Performance-based learning simultaneously develops and connects creative habits of mind by engaging students holistically in applying music knowledge and performance skills within real life contexts, preparing them for success on stage and beyond!

Let Them Rock student scholarships increase accessibility to performance-based music education, recording, and touring opportunities for aspiring young musicians traditionally under represented/resourced, eg: via economics, geography, ethnicity, language, and gender. Scholarships are granted for performance-based music education seasonal assistance, by performance learning experience and/or tuition percentage, on a fiscal needs basis, primarily to households with annual incomes below $60,000. Partial scholarship allocation is the norm, with amounts that vary season to season, learn more in the "HOW" section below. To ensure scholarship recipients benefit equally from the cognitive development, mathematical concepts, hand-eye coordination, and technical expertise gained while learning and performing a musical instrument, vocalists are encouraged to submit an application while simultaneously applying to learn how to play a musical instrument.


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