Our Mission

Let Them Rock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable fund to promote performance based music education opportunities through increased access to stages, recording, touring and training.

Imagine a world in which Jimi Hendrix never picked up a guitar. Or one in which Aretha Franklin only raised her voice when she was angry, and drumsticks were just Ringo Starr’s favorite part of a chicken. Luckily for us, that world doesn’t exist. 

But it could. Since 1997, students exposure to the arts has been on a steady decline. As American public schools push for a curriculum focusing heavily on STEM, the arts (and in particular music education) have been pushed aside. When budget cuts are introduced, which teachers are the first to go? You guessed it right. 

We see music as an absolutely essential component of a child’s development and education. We know that it is performance based music education that truly works magic in the developing young mind. 

Studies show that music education at an early age increases a child’s memory. It can also help a child develop language and reasoning skills. It increases a child’s overall coordination. Helps with an understanding of teamwork, and working together. Functional MRI’s of a child’s brain while performing music with a group shows fireworks of cross hemispheric brain activity.  This type of neural network building is nearly impossible to build in most other activities. And, it is integral in helping a child think creatively — sparking imagination and intellectual curiosity. 

We established Let Them Rock in 2015 to ensure that music education will never fully disappear by offering those in need access one-on-one lessons with professionals, access to stages, touring and state of the art recording facilities. All of this to drive their young human spirit to master their instruments on stage.  This is the holy grail of our mission. The ability to get on stage in front of a crowd and amaze an audience. Because, according to Let Them Rock founder, Dr. Joseph Roberts, “the stage is where truth occurs.” 

With your help, we can get them on stage and let them rock.